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About Us

The Ancestral Health Society is an organization for people interested in the ways pre-industrial diets and lifestyles might improve health outcomes today. We foster connection and conversation among scientists, clinicians, coaches and others, through our weekly podcast, newsletter and in-person symposium. 



Diversity Statement 


At Ancestral Health Society, we wholeheartedly embrace diversity and inclusion and fundamental pillars of our values. We believe that fostering a rich tapestry of backgrounds, perspectives and experiences not only strengthens the community but also fuels innovation and collective growth. Every individual’s unique story contributes the the vibrant narrative that defines us. We are committed to cultivating an environment where all voices are heard, valued and celebrated.


Scientific Accuracy Statement


At Ancestral Health Society our commitment to providing scientifically sound information is unwavering. We recognize that the pursuit of knowledge is rooted in rigorous research and evidence-based practices. Through our dedication to upholding the highest standards of scientific integrity, we ensure that our community has access to accurate, reliable and substantiated information that forms the foundation of our shared understanding and progress. We embrace rigorous debate, but reserve the right to exclude dishonest or non-factual information from our platforms.

Ancestral Health Society Board


Todd Becker, MS


Aaron Blaisdell, PhD


Isabel Burnett, NBC-HWC


Darryl Edwards, MS


Tess Falor, PhD


Jake Jacobson, BBA


Jen Milks, PhD

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